Verbal Abuse

[this page is going to be a work in progress over the next few weeks so that way I can get as much information as I can about this topic]

Verbal abuse is one of the sides of abusive relationship that people don’t think that much about. And when it is happening to you,and you might not think that it abuse at the time. Or walking on egg-shells might become your new norm for your relationship w/ your abuser.

This was my thinking process before my eyes were brought wide opened about what was going on.

Here are a few signs of VA that I have grown other the last few months to realize that this is actually VA

  • Actions of ignoring, ridiculing, disrespecting, and criticizing others consistently.
  • A manipulation of words.
  • Purposeful humiliation of others.
  • Accusing others falsely for the purpose of manipulating a person’s decision making.
  • Manipulating people to submit to undesirable behavior.
  • Making others feel unwanted and unloved.
  • Threatening to leave the family destitute.
  • Placing the blame and cause of the abuse onto others.
  • Isolating a person from some type of support system, consisting of friends or family.

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