hydration… h2o vs. other crap

12 10 2012

While I was at the Denver Downs Pumpkin patch with my Bugs last weekend i was looking around at all the parents who were giving their kids sugary sodas on a abnormally warm [slightly hot]day in the South, for the season of falling leaves. I have to say that i was disgusted by what I saw and that prompted me to want to give my 2-cents… so tada here I am a week later giving my cents about a topic that affects Bugs [so there for the Momi Bear in me comes right out to tango]

On a personal level drinking h2o is a choice I make for myself and my Bugs on a daily bases. And it is one that he chooses to go with as well [yes he is the kid that asks for water over sodas any day… I wish I had a hand in that, but I have to say its his OCD habits that come out with that and he hates the bubbles that go all the way down to his tummy]. When I say ‘other crap’ I am referring to sodas that hold NO nutritional substance for the parents and kids alike, and sugary juices that add more negative nutrients and positive ones to all parties involved.

[side note… I am a runner and love my electrolytes when I hit the mile 7 of 13.1 miles that I run for fun a couple times a year so I can be handed a lovely medal by a handsome fireman. So yes I agree that some sports drinks are good for that… but ONLY that. Not every day, every drink past your lips type of drink.]

So this topic sparked my interests in finding out other benefits that drinking h2o can have on kids and their parents.


1) fluoride

-This was a part of drinking h2o that I kinda forgotten about. The fluoride that can be found in water from the tap NOT the bottle can do wonders in preserving teeth.


2)Reduces the intake of sugary crap

-This one is a DUH type of fact. When somebody fills up on water they take up the space in their stomach that says they are still hungry and don’t turn to other crap to fill up. Filling up on h2o is the 1st step to many other steps that can lead to a over all change in life style. The same question is always remaining… are you ready for that 1st step to change your life and your kids life for the better??


3) Prevents dehydration

-Being in the South during the warmer temps and wanting to remain active w/ my son, this is the main reason above all else to want to make sure he and I both get enough h2o throughout the day. And again as I stated above h2o fills up your belly so you don’t need that other crap to get through the day. [This sounds like common sense… but its hard to believe at how hard it is to be common these days!]


4)Flushing the toxins and carries the nutrients to where they should be going.

The toxins get flushed from the body faster by h2o. These toxins can cause unnecessary illness that can lead to more harmful illnesses down the road. The nutrients that a kids body craves has to get to where it needs to go, the best way to get them there is through h2o. The h2o can carry the nutrients that food brings to the kids internal organs to help them function properly so they can be healthy on the inside as well as the outside.


… Now I seriously tried to look for benefits of other crap… and to my amusement I couldn’t find any :)… so I guess I’ll have to settle for what I did find…


This is what I think when I think of kids drinking primarily the ‘other crap’. The main points that I have found are that soda and other sugary drinks are like any addiction [the need for it to function], the body becomes tolerant of it so there for it needs more and more more. When that trigger is taken away then bring on the anger and aggression that can come with it [I joke that I am not a nice person before coffee.. this is the same concept but not as funny as with kids and soda or other sugary drinks]. The other main point that I keep coming across is that this ‘other crap’ is NOT HELPING childhood obesity and diabetes, this is a crippling notion that should scare the crap out of parents [myself included].

… With all that said. making sure that kids stay hydrated w/ h2o and not the ‘other crap’ starts w/ the parents. So are you ready to take a small step and help you and your kids lead a better life? or will you not stop w/ just one pop??


the process of a mad sngl Momi…

12 10 2012

… i got to thinking… of why my blog posts seem to never have any true substance to them. And it finally dawned on me that I have to have a method to my madness… a scientific method of madness to be exact. And my love and understanding of how this method truly works is forever engrained into my brain, there for my fall-back tool for when I can not figure anything out in my present life which has nothing to do with science. So putting together my blog posts shouldn’t be any different… right? So with this new way of looking of how to put together my blog posts I will see how it goes.
… wish my word-hating brain good luck 🙂

Denver Downs Pumpkin Patch 2012

6 10 2012

Well I was thinking at first that I was going to have to change when bugs and I were going to be able to head to the pumpkin patch. Thx to living in a college type of town when there’s a home football game.. Well it makes me wish tailgating was never thought of. Back upped traffic any which way you go. And I knew my temper wouldn’t be able to handle it, so bugs and I detoured a tad (got some nice goodies and found out about some other goodies that Mommy wants)

But after getting some shopping done, and then waiting for the football game to start so the traffic would die down.. Buggs and I decided to head over the Denver Downs Farm (www.denverdownsfarm.com). It was the perfect fall weather for it today ( a tad on the warm side and required the use of flip flops… But over all a great day for the pumpkin patch).

Some of the activities that they had were:
– 10-acre maze (didn’t wanna go into… I’ve seen too many horror movies)
– straw barn ( it had plenty of smaller activities for all ages, including a sitting area for parents to whip out their phones and txt :))
– zip line ( bugs was still a tax young to ride.. That went over really well….)
– pick ur own pumpkin (which after the 2nd hay ride Bugs picks the pumpkin farthest back for us to take home… That was an unexpected arm workout I got)
cow train (which Buggs loved and rode 4 times)
hay ride ( we did it twice… The 2nd time we got our pumpkins to take home w us)
giant slide (he loves this!!! I lost count after 30 times)
farm football
corn cannon
Bon fires (we went in the middle of the day.. So we didn’t get to see this)
spider web ( I did this one w Buggs.. We loved it)
goat climb (mile high goats… )
duck races (very cute idea and Buggs loved it)
big round bale maze (again I’ve seen too many horror films…)
giant jumping pillow (Buggs loved this… I just wish the time limit for the kids was a tad longer)

Over all we had a blast!!! Stayed hydrated w/ h2o… Not soft drinks (which is the reason for my next post in a few days) like I saw some of the parents giving their kids.

It was a GREAT Mommy & Buggy day!!

Finally good came of my ordeal…

27 09 2012

I will start this by saying that I have done nothing but play by the rules of life. Being the good guy in really crappy situations. And always taking the high road w/ life.

And finally some AWESOMENESS came from the mess known as my marriage to Jr. And in the end finally getting some affirmation that what Jr did to me was not ok, and will not be tolerated was a big step forward. I had awesome legal representation, and she made sure I got everything that I need to start my life completely over.

When I got the call I was sooo overwhelmed that it pooled and spilled out my eyes. It wasn’t sadness but happiness and relief.

I know I am one of the lucky ones, that got out of an abusive marriage to save myself and my son. I will forever be thankful for my parents for moving me away from Jr. And helping me get into my new life and adventures as a single Mommy 🙂

Who or What is robbing my son of sweet dreams….

20 09 2012



Like most parents I am interested in finding out what is making my 4yo’s dreams turn into terrors of the night. This has been going on for about 2yrs now. [yes I know his terrors started right about the time that his Dad was starting his cycles of verbal abuse]. I can understand it happening the months after I left his Dad b/c of what Bugs saw [the expression on my son’s face changed my life forever… and its made me stronger in more ways than my son will ever know]. Bugs wakes up screaming and kicking and on a few intense times he’ll be sweating… It breaks my heart that I can’t take away those evil thoughts that are taking away his precious sleep that he needs. [I never want to think about how bad it could be if I stayed… for me or for my son.. but that thought slowly creeps into my head from time to time… and in the end it only pisses me off further].

After doing some initial research into night terrors and some causes of them, I learned that low-iron is one of the causes. And B-I-N-G-O! My Bugs hates eating meat and the veggies that help w/ the iron count. So I got him the Flintstones daily vitamin w/ added iron. That seemed to curb it a lil, but not all that much.

so I’ve now turned to


for help [like most parents now a days.. one of the many joys of the internet]

… thus so far I haven’t found a damn thing that is going to help me comfort my son in helping make sure his terrors turn back into dreams that a kid should be having.

does my humor offend you???

20 09 2012

I got to thinking that other day… does my humor offend people at times… whats more important is that I really do not give a damn if it does or not. Most people know me as a very happy go lucky type of gal, but the truth is that i don’t care about most people. And that’s coming from a life time of people proving over and over again that care about them will do nothing but hurt me in the end. And I’m quite honestly tired of always feeling like I need to be the ‘good guy’ in all situations.

People will always make their own assumptions of me, and what I say and what I do. It comes back to that saying… u’ll be damned if you do, and u’ll be damned if you don’t. So I chose the don’t part of that saying.

And seeing the glass 1/2 full… yea fuck that… positive thoughts are for the weak minded who still think there is good left in the world. The glass being 1/2 empty is for those who have experience their own version of personal hell. And that version is going to be different for everybody.

My personal hell… well basically all of my 20’s was a hell one way or another. The 1 and only bright spot was my Bugs coming into my life and giving me a reason to push myself and get rid of my demons that have held me too close for too long.

With that said… I have been 30 for a few days now… and I honestly don’t know what everybody is babbling about saying that turning 30 is going to be sooo hard… You want hard… try having to deal w/ an verbally abusive and sometimes physically abusive husband for 5 years. All the while making sure Bugs didn’t get tainted w/ that crap. I succeeded to a certain extent. He still has night terrors [another blog post about that coming up here shortly]

Man oh man… how did I let this post turn into a free-for-all type of post… I must work on keeping my thoughts channeled on 1 topic… yea that’s not gunna happen

long time NO THOUGHTS….

22 08 2011

Its been a short bit since I have posted anything, and for good reason. Being a single Mommy [and all the wonderful adjustments that I’m making to make the best life I can for my son & myself] is a busy busy busy life to lead. Over the past few days I have realized that I still have a ton on my plate [and no room for dessert OR men… thx Mike @artisticdork for that one]. There are times that I feel sooo overwhelmed with everything, and I always feel like people are always breathing down my neck in one way shape or form. There are times that I feel like I just want to crawl under the covers and hide with Buggy. But then I find a way to either look at him or a picture of him and remember that I have to push myself to make sure that we have a balanced ending to the rocky start that I have created for the both of us at the moment.

Thats one of the many things that I feel guilt about; Buggy having a rocky start to life. No child should ever have to witness domestic violence [no matter what it is], and should never have to listen to their Daddy’s yelling their heads off at their Mommy’s. And in turn watching me trying to keep it all together and some what cheerful for his sake. When I go back and think about all of this, I wonder why I didn’t leave sooner or why I ever thought myX could change. [These are my thoughts when I’m running/exercising…. I have to get them out or they will slowly but surely eat me ALIVE… and I have too much to live for to let that happen]

I’m trying to figure out why I haven’t fully had a all-out emotional break-down about all of this. And a friend of mine told me that I have been preparing slowly for this for a few years. And that I have had plenty of time to let everything process and to slowly close off my heart and soul from the man that I vowed to love, honor and cherish [yea that got me very far…. NOT]

I have always said that ‘actions speak louder than words’ and I have always and I mean always told myX that. That he could always tell me he was ‘sooo sorry for acting that way’ or whatever he was saying he was sorry for, but he would always 1/2 ass his actions to match his words. It was like he was always just trying to shut me up so the cycle could just start all over again. And again why in the hell did I put up w/ that??? I was raised way better than that [again something else that has pissed me off and good motivation for running]. One example of myX’s words not matching his actions [and a sore spot that keeps on sticking out to me] is when he cheated on me. MyX was always good at telling me how beautiful I am… blah blah blah. But he wonder’s why I never believed him… well he f*cking cheated on me. How in the hell am I [or any woman for that matter] supposed to feel beautiful by the man that she loves when he goes and does that???? And to even believe him after that?????

One of the things that I’m learning for myself is how to love myself. and to love myself means that I’m sweating out all of the emotions and toxin’s that I have from the last 3 years. I have been highly silent on how I feel on most things when it comes to my personal life [I’ve always been like that]. But I’m working on getting those emotions out in a healthy and making sure that they get directed at the person/people that they need to be directed at.

On a positive note I have lost 13lbs this past month :)… and I’m looking forward to loosing about 13-15 more lbs over the next month or so. I have my goal that I WILL get to by my 29th birthday… So I’m well on my way to reaching it.