hydration… h2o vs. other crap

12 10 2012

While I was at the Denver Downs Pumpkin patch with my Bugs last weekend i was looking around at all the parents who were giving their kids sugary sodas on a abnormally warm [slightly hot]day in the South, for the season of falling leaves. I have to say that i was disgusted by what I saw and that prompted me to want to give my 2-cents… so tada here I am a week later giving my cents about a topic that affects Bugs [so there for the Momi Bear in me comes right out to tango]

On a personal level drinking h2o is a choice I make for myself and my Bugs on a daily bases. And it is one that he chooses to go with as well [yes he is the kid that asks for water over sodas any day… I wish I had a hand in that, but I have to say its his OCD habits that come out with that and he hates the bubbles that go all the way down to his tummy]. When I say ‘other crap’ I am referring to sodas that hold NO nutritional substance for the parents and kids alike, and sugary juices that add more negative nutrients and positive ones to all parties involved.

[side note… I am a runner and love my electrolytes when I hit the mile 7 of 13.1 miles that I run for fun a couple times a year so I can be handed a lovely medal by a handsome fireman. So yes I agree that some sports drinks are good for that… but ONLY that. Not every day, every drink past your lips type of drink.]

So this topic sparked my interests in finding out other benefits that drinking h2o can have on kids and their parents.


1) fluoride

-This was a part of drinking h2o that I kinda forgotten about. The fluoride that can be found in water from the tap NOT the bottle can do wonders in preserving teeth.


2)Reduces the intake of sugary crap

-This one is a DUH type of fact. When somebody fills up on water they take up the space in their stomach that says they are still hungry and don’t turn to other crap to fill up. Filling up on h2o is the 1st step to many other steps that can lead to a over all change in life style. The same question is always remaining… are you ready for that 1st step to change your life and your kids life for the better??


3) Prevents dehydration

-Being in the South during the warmer temps and wanting to remain active w/ my son, this is the main reason above all else to want to make sure he and I both get enough h2o throughout the day. And again as I stated above h2o fills up your belly so you don’t need that other crap to get through the day. [This sounds like common sense… but its hard to believe at how hard it is to be common these days!]


4)Flushing the toxins and carries the nutrients to where they should be going.

The toxins get flushed from the body faster by h2o. These toxins can cause unnecessary illness that can lead to more harmful illnesses down the road. The nutrients that a kids body craves has to get to where it needs to go, the best way to get them there is through h2o. The h2o can carry the nutrients that food brings to the kids internal organs to help them function properly so they can be healthy on the inside as well as the outside.


… Now I seriously tried to look for benefits of other crap… and to my amusement I couldn’t find any :)… so I guess I’ll have to settle for what I did find…


This is what I think when I think of kids drinking primarily the ‘other crap’. The main points that I have found are that soda and other sugary drinks are like any addiction [the need for it to function], the body becomes tolerant of it so there for it needs more and more more. When that trigger is taken away then bring on the anger and aggression that can come with it [I joke that I am not a nice person before coffee.. this is the same concept but not as funny as with kids and soda or other sugary drinks]. The other main point that I keep coming across is that this ‘other crap’ is NOT HELPING childhood obesity and diabetes, this is a crippling notion that should scare the crap out of parents [myself included].

… With all that said. making sure that kids stay hydrated w/ h2o and not the ‘other crap’ starts w/ the parents. So are you ready to take a small step and help you and your kids lead a better life? or will you not stop w/ just one pop??




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13 10 2012

Great post! Stop with just one pop!! 🙂

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