Who or What is robbing my son of sweet dreams….

20 09 2012



Like most parents I am interested in finding out what is making my 4yo’s dreams turn into terrors of the night. This has been going on for about 2yrs now. [yes I know his terrors started right about the time that his Dad was starting his cycles of verbal abuse]. I can understand it happening the months after I left his Dad b/c of what Bugs saw [the expression on my son’s face changed my life forever… and its made me stronger in more ways than my son will ever know]. Bugs wakes up screaming and kicking and on a few intense times he’ll be sweating… It breaks my heart that I can’t take away those evil thoughts that are taking away his precious sleep that he needs. [I never want to think about how bad it could be if I stayed… for me or for my son.. but that thought slowly creeps into my head from time to time… and in the end it only pisses me off further].

After doing some initial research into night terrors and some causes of them, I learned that low-iron is one of the causes. And B-I-N-G-O! My Bugs hates eating meat and the veggies that help w/ the iron count. So I got him the Flintstones daily vitamin w/ added iron. That seemed to curb it a lil, but not all that much.

so I’ve now turned to


for help [like most parents now a days.. one of the many joys of the internet]

… thus so far I haven’t found a damn thing that is going to help me comfort my son in helping make sure his terrors turn back into dreams that a kid should be having.




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