does my humor offend you???

20 09 2012

I got to thinking that other day… does my humor offend people at times… whats more important is that I really do not give a damn if it does or not. Most people know me as a very happy go lucky type of gal, but the truth is that i don’t care about most people. And that’s coming from a life time of people proving over and over again that care about them will do nothing but hurt me in the end. And I’m quite honestly tired of always feeling like I need to be the ‘good guy’ in all situations.

People will always make their own assumptions of me, and what I say and what I do. It comes back to that saying… u’ll be damned if you do, and u’ll be damned if you don’t. So I chose the don’t part of that saying.

And seeing the glass 1/2 full… yea fuck that… positive thoughts are for the weak minded who still think there is good left in the world. The glass being 1/2 empty is for those who have experience their own version of personal hell. And that version is going to be different for everybody.

My personal hell… well basically all of my 20’s was a hell one way or another. The 1 and only bright spot was my Bugs coming into my life and giving me a reason to push myself and get rid of my demons that have held me too close for too long.

With that said… I have been 30 for a few days now… and I honestly don’t know what everybody is babbling about saying that turning 30 is going to be sooo hard… You want hard… try having to deal w/ an verbally abusive and sometimes physically abusive husband for 5 years. All the while making sure Bugs didn’t get tainted w/ that crap. I succeeded to a certain extent. He still has night terrors [another blog post about that coming up here shortly]

Man oh man… how did I let this post turn into a free-for-all type of post… I must work on keeping my thoughts channeled on 1 topic… yea that’s not gunna happen




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